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From: Dominique Struensee
Subject: Maid in Heaven - A TG storyMaid in Heavenby Dominique Struensee
Chapter 1
I stood outside the bus with my friend Alex, and looked up at the hotel
below the Swiss Alps. It was beautiful view. You see, my parents had
arranged for me to work at my aunt's hotel this summer as a substitute
gardener. My parents thought that it would do me good doing some physical
labour, instead of playing Xbox. I was actually looking forward to go as
well. The hotel was rather posh, and had all the amenities one could expect
from a comfortable hotel. Aunt Maria had called me two week earlier to ask
me if I had a friend who would be interested being a maid doing beds etc. I
said my friend Alex would be keen on a summer job.We went inside the huge lobby, and asked to speak with my aunt. She was the
hotel manager, and we were shown into her office. "Hello, Dominique!" I
forgot to tell that I am Swiss, and the hotel is located in the Swiss Alps.
"Who is this?" She asked, and pointed to Alex. "It's my friend Alex." I
said. She looked at me dumbfounded and said "But Alex is a boy." There was
an awkward silence in the room. She continued; "When I said I wanted you to
find friend to work here as a maid I meant a girl. We have a strict policy
here at the hotel regarding maids. They need to be female. Oh, Dominique,
you have put me into a to difficult situation here. There isn't time to find
another maid in such short notice as this. I am disappointed in you. You are
as stupid as I have suspected you were." I looked shamefully into the
carpet.I wasn't the brightest student in my class. Actually, I was the worst. And
now I had pedo sexy links
fucked up again. Alex wasn't pedo kd sex that much brighter, but being a
footballer brains wasn't required. "Can't I do young pedo porn pics it anyway? No one will
notice. There are boys doing such jobs in the city?" Alex said. "Oh, someone
will notice. This hotel is a very tradition bound hotel. Haven't you seen
the staff here wearing traditional uniforms? The only way no one would
notice, were to be if you wore a dress," auntie said. She looked at Alex and
then to me. She smiled. "As you are responsible for this mess, Dominique,
and because it seems I have no other choice, Alex will work in the garden
and you as a maid." I didn't understand: "But how would that be better? I am
a boy as well, aunt Maria." "Because you will be dressed in a maid's
uniform." My jaw dropped. "You will be a girl while working at the Hotel. As
a matter of fact you will be a girl on you spare time as well. Can't afford
to let anyone know that we're having a transvestite maid working here. You
have delicate little body, and you will be a perfect girl with some help.
Alex is too masculine." I didn't know what to say. Alex giggled quietly.
"Alex! Report to Francois the gardener, and he'll show the ropes. And
Dominique? You can come with me."As we went into aunties private chambers I kept my eyes on the floor. I was
rather ashamed by the prospect of wearing girls clothes and especially
afraid of being caught wearing them by someone I knew. I thought to myself
that that would be unlikely, as my class mates all went to the
Mediterranean, and not to the mountains. Aunt turned closed the door, and
turned to face me. "Strip," she commanded. I slowly started to unbutton my
shirt. "Come on," she yelled, "I haven't all day!" I undressed and stood in
front of her naked. She walked slowly around me, scrutinizing my body. "You
are slim, nice long thighs and hips, a slim waist, and you even have a
nicely shaped butt -- just like a girl's. As a matter of fact; from sweet illegal pedo sex behind
you look like a girl already. Have you noticed yourself, or has anyone
perhaps mentioned that before?" My cheeks were blushing. It was true. I
even had been called a girl once, in my dancing classes. I dance ballet, you
see. It was something my mother made me do, as she herself was a ballerina.
And a failed one at that. I guess I had to make up for her failing. My
father didn't mind either. You see, he is somewhat under my mother's thumb."I think I can make you a convincing girl. But first we have to shave off
all body free pedo cp pics
hair, but seeing you don't have much, it won't take much time." We
went into the bathroom, and auntie made me take a shower. Then she shaved
off my armpit hair, she trimmed my pubic hairs into a triangle and made me
shave off the hair on my testicles. She then taught me how to remove hair
with waxing using my legs. She even had me bend over, so she could remove
the hairs between the cheeks. That was actually quite painful... When I was
done, we applied moisturizing cream to my hairless body.We went into my aunt's bedroom. She went over to her drawer and pulled up a
blue plaid panty with a bow, she rummaged some more and pulled up a matching
bra. She threw them on the bed. Then she told me to take them on, and to
tuck my penis back back between my legs. I walked over to the bed, and
picked up the lingerie. forum pedo sites It was soft to the touch, and the baby pedoland fabric was
stretchy. I stepped into the panties, and pulled them up my newly shaven
legs. My auntie helped me to tuck my penis away. I had some problems doing
the bra, but again auntie showed me the ropes."You will need some convincing breasts in order to appear as a girl
throughout young love sex pedo the summer. I know a doctor who can help, but for now you'll have
to fill the bra childporn pedo photos with stockings." She walked over to another drawer and
pulled out some stockings, and filled the bra. "This bra is mine, and I use
B-cups, so if you're happy with that, that'll be your breast size as well."
I mumbled something in response. I wasn't at all happy. I had to make up
rooms for the summer wearing women's clothing! "We need to go shopping for
underwear for you tomorrow. There's a lingerie shop in the village, and you
can order stuff from the internet. You can borrow clothes from me for now."
She then handed me stay up stockings, and told me to roll them up my smooth
feminine legs. Then it was time for make-up. She taught me the basics, and
told me that she would teach me more later. "It won't take much to make your
haircut feminine, considering you're having such long hair." She pulled out
the scissors, and started working. I almost cried. My hair was my pride and
joy. She arranged my hair in a ponytail. She then told me to walk over to
the mirror. It was a strange feeling walking with these fine stockings and
tight panties. They felt cool in some way, and even pedo virgin pic somewhat erotic.I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at myself in the mirror. I was
really looking like a girl. My dick even jerked a little in my blue plaid
panties. "You look stunning, my dear. You look really convincing even in
girls' underwear. When we get you some prosthetic breast to glue on, you'll
convince anyone, Dominique." Glue? I wasn't sure about that one, but my
auntie wouldn't hear anything of it. She told me play the role, and rather
think of being a girl as an adventure. I you act as a girl 24/7, there is
less chance in getting caught, she said. I nodded silently, as auntie pulled
up the maids' uniform. It fitted snugly, and contrary to what I believed it
was actually comfortable wearing a dress. After finding some pumps that
fitted me, she made me parade up and down in front of her and the mirror,
telling me how to walk as a woman.She then sent me to Madame Leclerc to be taught the trade of making up a
hotel room. I think I played the role as a maid pretty well, because Mme
Leclerc didn't seem to suspect anything. Granted, she was really old and
wore huge glasses. In the evening I went to our room. I felt a lump in my
throat when I opened the door. Not knowing how Alex rompl kds pedo
would react, I carefully
went into the room and closed the door."Wow! I must say I didn't pedo 12yr expect something like this!" Alex said. "You,
sorry for sounding gay, but you look fucking sexy. As a matter of fact I'm
having a boner right now." I told him that that was sick, and that I'm a boy
-- and frankly that sounds too gay. Alex laughed. pedo story
Auntie had been up moments
before with some change. The room itself was quite pedofilia kids jpg big. It was an en suite,
and lots of storage space. The double bed was a downer, but I have shared
beds with Alex before. I told Alex that I was going to take a shower, and
told him no when he jokingly asked if he could come too.I stepped out of the maids' uniform, and out of the underwear. It was
pleasant to release my dick from the confines of girls' panties. I took a
hot and long shower. I got out of the shower, and looked through the clothes
from my auntie. It included a white satin nightie, a white lace bra pedo lola baby child and
matching panty, black leggings, and a pink top. It also included what I
think must be underwear for tomorrow; a small black satin panty, a matching
bra and a suspender belt. I put on the white set. The litle sex pedo panty was had a bikini
style, but when I pulled it up it slid up my crack, but not as much as a
thong would. I managed to put on the bra, and stuffed it as auntie did. I
looked at myself in the mirror. It was a rather peculiar feeling seeing
myself as a beautiful and absolutely fuckable girl. I turned so I could see
my back and bottom in the mirror. My butt looked really good, and the panty
improved it even more. It made me feel somewhat of a peeping tom watching my
girlie ass. I became actually a bit aroused looking at my self, and I felt
really sexy. I decided to wear the leggings and the top, as it wasn't just
the time for bed.Alex came over to and grabbed my "tits". "They don't feel very real", he
said. I told him that aunt Maria was going to get me some silicone ones. He
looked at me, and smiled wryly. "How is it to wear girls clothes, then?" I
said it was all right, but a bit unusual. The pedo foto free bra especially. "Well, you
look great, and your ass looks fucking awesome in those tights." I said
"Thanks, I guess" and blushed a little. We decided to sit in bed and watch
TV. After a while I felt sleepy, and went to the bathroom to take on the
nightie. The airy feeling of almost wearing nothing was strangely exiting.
Alex followed me with his eyes. 13 yo boy pedo I actually liked his attention, but also
found it a little disturbing. Alex took off his clothes, he always teensex pedo 12yo slept in
the nude, as I was pulling the sheets over me. I don't know why, but I
quickly glanced at his groin. I have never done that before. I noticed that
his cock was semi-erect.Chapter 2I woke up the next day by the sound of the alarm. To my surprise, Alex had
moved over to my side of the bed and we were spooning. He held me tightly,
and I could feel his morning erection against my bum, as my slip had moved
up. "Alex! Do free pic pedo
you mind?" I said in an angry tone of voice. Alex muttered
sorry turned around, and fell back to sleep. I went into the bathroom and
showered. I was a bit annoyed. Alex hadn't done it on purpose, of course,
but I still didn't like the pedo 14yr idea of spooning with a naked man with an
erection.I put on the black satin set, stockings, garter, and maid uniform and went
out to meet Mme Leclerc. The first part of the day teenager xxx pedo consisted of cleaning
rooms. Aunt Maria called me, and told me to change and meet her in the
lobby. I free hardcore pedo met her fifteen minutes later in the lobby wearing the leggings and
the top from yesterday. "You look good, dear. Your face can be quite
feminine when your hair is arranged like that and with make up on. I admit
you don't look particularly masculine anyway," she said. We went to her car
and drove to the lingerie boutique. I was a bit afraid that the girl in the
shop would dark kds pedo understand, but my aunt don't think she did. We picked out quite
a lot of underwear. Auntie asked if I had any preferences on what kind of
underwear, like a corset, a babydoll or a body. My aunt asked me what I
thought of thongs, and I could tell her that I use a thong dance belt when
I'm at the ballet, so I'm quite used to that. I was a bit caught up with my
aunt's enthusiasm and I showed her stuff I liked. We then went to a clothes
store and picked up some dresses, skirts and tops. We even bought a black
one-piece competition swimsuit for the hotel swimming pool. She told me I
could use the pool, if there wasn't too many guest there. While we were
driving home, we were chatting as old girlfriends -- laughing and giggling.When we got back, naked pedofilia auntie wanted me to come to her apartment in order to glue
the breasts on me which she got that morning. The result was remarkable. I
went over to the mirror and had a good look. They had a natural look and one
could hardly see that they weren't real. They even weighed and felt as
proper breasts. When I put on the bra, the lift it made was noticeable and
it made an impressive cleavage. Auntie was delighted.Alex became more and more insistent. He loved my new breast and grabbed them
all the time. That is, when I either allowed him or when he jumped me. He
also started to slap my bum frequently, and he even cupped my ass cheeks
when I only was wearing a bikini styled panty standing over the basin
brushing my teeth. It was hard for me to admit that, although his interest
was annoying, I somehow liked being the subject of his desire. I decided one
day to wear one of the thongs I bought the other day. The one I put on was
black, and I used it together with the black bra and suspenders under the
uniform.As we were long time friends and both guys, it was both natural and
practical to use the bathroom at the same time. That was the way we always
had done it, and we had seen each other naked quite a few times. When I went
into the bathroom that evening to change into a nightie and do brush my
teeth, Alex was in the shower. I took off my uniform and hanged it up on the
bathroom door. I stood in front of the mirror brushing my teeth in my
underwear and stockings. When Alex got out, I could see him in the mirror.
He looked mesmerized. I wiggled my bum, and smiled to him pedo yo pic young
through the
mirror. He smiled back. "Damn, you look hot, Dominique!" He slapped my ass,
and whistled. I just smiled. I couldn't believe I could ever make a man this
behaving like this. "You look so hot, and I even don't think it would be gay
fucking you." I replied that in any case, he fucking me was quite out of the
question. He grabbed my hips and pressed himself at me. I could feel the
warmth of his body, the moisture from the shower and the hardness of his
cock on my butt. It found its way between the cheeks. I froze. He started
kissing me on the neck and rubbed his cock up and down pedo mom son fuck
my crack. "Fuck,
Alex! This is so not cool!" I yelled, and fought my self free from his grip.He followed me into the bedroom, still with his hard-on. I told him that I
in any way didn't want to such things with him or any boy. As a matter of
fact I was really turned-on, but I couldn't let him know that. It was wrong,
I thought. I'm not gay -- I have been forced to dress as a girl, but that
doesn't imply having sex with my best friend, does it? Alex apologized,
telling me that he's so horny -- but he said that still wanted to fuck me. I
calmed down a bit, and told him that was not going to happen. He had tried
anal-sex with his former girlfriend, he told me, and she apparently loved
it. There was no reason for it not being fantastic for me having him fucking
me either. We talked a lot that evening about how we should handle this, and
agreed that he should back down a little. In return I agreed to letting him
jerk off while looking at me. He told me was desperately horny, and needed
to cum. I felt sad for him, but at the same time I wanted to help him. I was
trying desperately hard to not show my eagerness to experiment a little. I
probably caved in too soon to his sexual suggestions.Alex gave me instructions on how to move and pose on the bed while he was
jerking little sex pedo himself off. Even though it may appear as a bit sick, I loved
watching him jerk himself off looking at me. I even had to make sexy faces,
and touch myself. After five minutes he threw up his hands in despair. "Fuck
it," he said disappointed, "why don't you give it pedo list top50 a go?" I didn't quite know
what to say. "Come on," he said, "don't be shy." And he pulled my hand over
to his throbbing cock. I gripped around the shaft, while intently looking
him in the eyes. He pulled me to him and he kissed me lightly on the lips. I
started moving my hand up and down. He gasped and threw his head pedophile nude pictures
His right arm held me tight, while his left hand caressed my bum. He moved
his head towards mine, and we started to kiss. Firstly just on the lips, but
then with our tongues. He was quite rough, but I liked it. I realised I
actually liked to be the submissive one -- letting him have the control.
After a few minutes I could feel he was close. He came suddenly all over me,
and I could feel his dick go limp in my hand. He smiled to me, kissed me on
the lips and said, "Thanks, babe. That was fucking awesome." I felt happy. I
made him cum. I smiled back. We just laid there for a moment, before I went
to take a shower. I put on a pink babydoll with a matching thong, and went
back to him. We sexo pedo childer
cuddled a bit, before we both went to sleep.Chapter 3I woke up the next morning and I felt great. Alex was still sleeping. I
decided, as my shift didn't start before noon, to exercise. I love
exercising, but I haven't found the time for it the last two weeks. No
wonder; being slaved around this hotel. Anyway, I figured I could go
swimming. I hadn't showed more of my body to anyone, except for aunt Maria
and Alex, so this pedo home 12yo
would be a small test -- if there was anyone swimming at
this early hour. The black Speedo swimsuit was still unused, and I kinda
dreaded wearing it. Putting little nude pedo pics in a bag, together with some make-up, underwear
and a towel, I donned the leggings and a new white (and quite tight) tube
top. Alex was still sleeping as I tip toed out the door. On the way I met
Francois, the gardener, who always looked at me hungrily. He was a small,
chubby man with a almost no hair and a black moustache. "Oh, miss Dominique
-- have anyone ever told you that you look like a young Carla Bruni?" My
cheeks were blushing, and I thanked him -- saying that was very flattering.
"So how is your "Nicolas"? As good in bed as he brags about? Where is he by
the way? I need his help" My cheeks were still blushing and I was so
embarrassed I was looking into the carpet. I told him that Alex was still in
bed. "Ah, you've worn him out, then!," he laughed and continued down the
corridor. So people thought we were together, then? No wonder, we were even
sharing a bed... I walked quickly to the changing room. It was empty, thank
god. I was a bit annoyed at Francois. He was such a pervert.I removed my clothes, carefully to not expose my toplist pedo sex
clit (when did I begin to
call it that?) to anyone entering the room. The swimsuit looked too small,
but it fitted perfectly. It was pleasant to wear; much better than the
trunks I used to wear. I showered quickly and went into the pool area. There
was just one guy swimming there, so I quickly dived in and started my laps.
I didn't notice that the man had found a chair close to the pool where he
sat watching me. "You have a good technique" he said. I was a bit startled,
and turned around. He came over to me. "My name is Herr Furtw

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