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From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Mark #58MARK
Lee MarinerAugust 2002DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional gay fantasy and depicts homosexual acts
involving young men. All characters are fictional and in no way related to
any person or persons living or deceased. Any such similarity is purely
CONSEQUENCE.This story is copyrighted by the author and may not be reproduced in any
form without the specific written consent of the author. It is assigned to
the Nifty Archives under the provisions of their submission guidelines but
it may not be copied or archived on any other site without the author's
permission.Copyright: August 2002 - Author: Lee Mariner - All Rights are * * * * * * * * *Chapter #58Mark and I woke at preteen slave stories
same time with the same need, full bladders. His need
must have been the greater since he crawled over me rushing for the
bathroom, his tight buns gleaming like two taillights reflecting the morning
sun pussy virgin preteen just starting to peek through the windows.Swinging my legs out of the small bed to follow him, I made a mental note
that we needed a bigger bed although the smaller one had its advantages, I
had gotten used to having Mark lying beside me and in preteen pedo childporn my arms. His golden
stream hitting the commode water sounded like Niagara had been turned on in
the bathroom and it reminded me with a sharp pang in my gut that I better
join him and pretty quick.Mark stood over the commode, one hand on his hip while he held his slowly
softening cock with the other and he looked at me grinning when I moved
alongside, joining him, my bladder demanding morning relief. "We shouldn't
have drank that beer before we worked out last night Unc.""Your right but red preteen pussy what's with the Unc? You've never called me that except once
and your Dad jumped on you then." I said, a feeling of relief spreading over
me, my eyes drawn to his hand slowly milking his half hard cock.His eyes held those little golden flecks as he looked at me, grinning, "I'm
sorry, topless preteen 16
I didn't think you would mind. You call me Sport and I didn't think
you would mind if I called you Unc instead of Uncle Lee all of the preteen hooter time but
I won't if girls preteen lingerie
you don't want me too." He said sort of wistfully as he shook the
last drops from his sweet preteen biz still half hard cock and opened the door for the preteen mooning candid
shower.Playing as we usually did in the shower while washing each other, I held
Mark japaness preteen models tight to me and kissed him. His hard wet muscled body felt like velvet
as we stood under the cascading water. He was that little boy again. "Mark,
Unc is okay when we are alone like this or with friends like Calvin innocent preteen pictures and
William. Your Dad is a little stiff about things like that.""Yeah, I know preteen model ranking
but I forget sometimes. I won't do it again." He said softly,
laying his preteen artmodel
head on my shoulder."Good. preteens elwebbs
What time are you out of school today? I'm going to call Uncle Bill
and let him know when we will be there so he can reserve us a preteen lol pitcures suite at the
Holiday Inn.""I can skip my final study class and be out at 2:30 this afternoon." He said
burbling a little from the water falling on his face."Great, lets get dressed and get some breakfast. Your mother is probably
setting the table now." I said, turning the water off. He was probably
feeling as horny as I usually did in the mornings but he stepped out of the
shower and handed me preteen toplist underground a towel from the rack.We dried each other off and his body glowed like soft burnished gold from
the brisk rubbing, his muscles rippling. Marks preteen glamor picks
arms were like steel bands
around my chest as he pulled me closer nibbling on my ear lobe whispering,
"I daisy preteen moodel want your cock down my throat Uncle Lee."The greenish collection legal preteen gray of his hazel eyes held a deep longing, no impish golden
flecks just the reflection of the feelings swelling in my chest spreading
over me. Kissing his soft lips, I dropped my towel as he slowly went down on
his knees kissing and licking my chest and stomach. His mouth felt like a
red-hot preteen search nudes
furnace as he slowly swallowed as much of my thick meat as he could.
His preteen nude strip lips pushed the foreskin back, his tongue washing the glans sending
muscle tightening jolts through me and I could feel my back arching trying
to drive deeper in his throat. Groaning deep from inside, I leaned over him,
"suck it Mark baby drain the life from me."He was like a baby calf sucking at his mother's teats greedily demanding the
cream he needed as he sucked. I could see his hand a blur as webcam preteens
he jerked
himself off in unison with each lunge preteen girls pussies of my hips and the tightness of his
lips. A euphoric fog enveloped us as feelings like molten lava were rising
from deep within my loins reaching a cataclysmic eruption flowing down his
throat as he groaned thick streams of his own cream cascading on the tile
floor. With each surge I felt the ecstatic tightening of my body as he
sucked demanding, draining the life from me making it his. My lungs ached
gasping for air and my legs quivered at the intensity of feeling and
emotion.Holding his head tight, he stripped the last drops as my cock slowly
softened slipping from his lips. free preteens bikini Pulling him up to me, we kissed and I could
taste the remnants of the cream he had sucked from me. Nuzzling his nose
with mine, his eyes were soft and deep in their depths I could see the love
he felt and a warm blanket of emotion covered me as I whispered "God how I
love you Mark.""I know Uncle Lee, I feel the same way." He replied leaning against me.Sex with Mark had ceased being just sex, it had become a renewal of the love
we both felt, the regeneration of the bond that bound us too each other.
The moments spent in the soft after glow of that renewal were moments you
never wanted too end but rather go on and on forever. * * * * * * * *We stood holding each other for a few minutes when I heard John and Sharon
talking as they passed the bedroom door. Lifting Mark's face to mine I
kissed him softly. "We better get cleaned up dressed before your Dad comes
bursting though the door?""Yeah, we better. Damn totally cute preteen
but I'll be glad when we have our own preteen nude idols
place and don't
have to worry about someone busting in on us." He said as he wiped the tile
clean and dropped the towel into the clothes hamper. Mark had an impatient
streak at times but I agreed with him silently, a place of our own would
eliminate xxx kids preteen the need for to be discreet but I had a feeling that John and
Sharon suspected what went on between Mark and I. Time would correct the
situation. Mark still had a year of high school and then college. At least
in college if he decided on Delaware State we would have an apartment or
house together. Thinking about Delaware, I remembered I had several calls I
should be making and I wanted to talk with Sharon about John if I could
before she left for work. With Mark in school I should be able to get them
out of the way before we left for Louisville and the weekend. * * * * * * * * *We both dressed quickly, Mark putting on a pair of dark blue Calvin Kline
jeans with a white open throated short sleeve golf shirt. The gold chain I
had given him flashed in the light against his chestnut tan. His light brown
hair slightly darkened by dampness was tousled but that was normal, no comb
would ever conquer it.Grinning, he walked past me and whispered, "God morning Unc" and preteen fucking bbs went out
the door to join his parents. I shook my head slightly smiling at his little
boy attitude hearing little preteen lesbian his mother exclaim, "Are you going to school or a
modeling interview?""School Mom and I'm running a little late Uncle Lee." He said as I walked
in."Then finish your breakfast and take the Blazer, I don't need it."The illegal preteens porno three of them looked up at me, staring with mouths gaping slightly.
Sharon recovered her senses first, "Lee, are you crazy?""Yeah bro, you lost your mind?" John finally managed to utter his fork
suspended halfway to his mouth with a very large piece of sausage."Not that I know of John, it was working pretty well when I woke up. I've
got several phone calls too make and pack for the weekend. He has his
drivers license, he's on the insurance and title, why not? Other kids
drive." Mark hadn't said a word sitting with his fingers around a glass of
orange juice but I could see he was caught completely off guard and didn't
know what he should say. No one said anything while I poured my coffee and
then Mark finally croaked."Your preteens incest art not kidding are you Uncle Lee? I can erected preteen boy
drive the Blazer too school? Boy
will some of my buddies turn preteen pantyhose vids green when they see it, jeepers."I couldn't help but grin at his use of schoolboy words as Sharon injected
very quickly, "Your Uncle may have lost his mind young man but I haven't.
You drive straight too school and straight home afterwards. No joy riding,
understand?"John sat quietly eating but I preteen board gallery could see his eyes shifting between Sharon and
Mark. He knew the tone in her voice and I was beginning to recognize it.
Mark knew it also and dropped his eyes answering her."Yes mam. Would free preteen link it be alright if some of the guys look inside, it's brand
new." He said finishing his milk."Do like your mother says Mark, school and then home. If some of your
buddies want to look inside, that's okay but no joy riding. You better get
going or your going to be late." My brother said but I could see a look of
amusement in his eyes as he said it."Yes sir, I understand." He said in a sudden urgency to get away before
anything else was said. He kissed Sharon on the cheek dashing for the door
grabbing the keys and his backpack on the way out the door.It was obvious that they both were struggling to say something and having a
hard time with it. Glancing out the large front window from the living room
next to the dining alcove, we could see Mark driving up slowly up the short
hill that led down from Baker Rd. too their home. Getting up from my seat, I
poured myself a fresh cup of coffee sex lesbian preteen and clearing my throat turned facing
them."I'm sorry if I upset you, letting Mark use the truck. I didn't think you
would object. pornography preteen image
Mark is a pretty good driver and I'm sure he won't do anything
foolish. After all, it belongs to him as well as me."
"Well little brother." John said looking at Sharon. "I guess you hottie preteens know what
you are doing but, and don't go getting mad, preteen archive xxx
aren't you spoiling him just a
little?""Probably I am John." I young preteen panties
said sipping luke warm coffee. "It's probably a
little hard for you and Sharon to understand but Mark is my life, the only
son I will ever have. Oh yeah, he is my nephew but look at it this way for a
minute. Things were pretty rough for me years ago after Doug and I will be
eternally grateful for what you did John and William. Without yours and his
help I would not be in the position I am today able to make sure Mark does
not have the same problems. I don't think you preteen sexsites can realize the suffering a
boy goes through when he is trying too cope with his sexuality. The
confusion, the learning and not having anyone you can really talk with about
it. It's not easy.""You always had me Lee, you know that. What Doug did was wrong I know but I
know he loves you deep inside." John said quietly."He probably does John, you don't stop loving a brother because he is gay
and I know how much you both love Mark. I loved him from the day he was born
and not sexually to be blunt about it. That was the last thing in my mind
and even if he were not gay, I would still have spoiled him. You don't know
how hard I struggled with it when I first thought he might be. I remembered
the struggle and indecision I went through at his age. I never wished it
but after you met me at the airport when I came back from Saudi Arabia, I
knew he was gay when we hottest preteen bitches
met. I still fought it even then but Mark told me
how he felt and he didn't really know what he should do or how he should do
it. I decided then that preteen lesbian photographs I was not going to let him go through the same
things I did if I could help it. It's not easy for a boy to talk with his
parents about his inner feelings and you know that John or you should. Look
at how our Dad was and I'm not preteen ass rape saying you are like him. Dad was a good man
but the thought that one of his son's could be gay was as foreign too him as
trying to change night into day." I said, "Am I making any sense?""More then you know Lee." Sharon said. "We both told you that if he was
going to be gay then we wanted him with you, strange as that might seem to
many people. Just don't forget that you have a niece that probably loves you
just about as much as he does.""Oh, I know that and I love her almost as much. I was thinking about
stopping and seeing her on my way back too Delaware next week.""She would love that, I hope you do. John, it's getting late and I don't
know why hot preteen nympets in the world we started talking 3d preteen gallery
about this.""Because we both thought it that's why." preteen russian lola
He said. "I'd better get down too
the office. Are you going with me or coming picpost preteen boy
down later?""Later boss, I've got laundry that needs doing and Mark is going to need a
couple of preteen nonude thumbs things that need washing before he and Lee leave this afternoon.""Okay dirty preteen pic
then. Don't guess I'll see you before then but your coming back on
Sunday aren't you Lee?""We should be back in time for dinner or maybe a cookout. Mark still has
school and that comes first. I'll pickup some steaks on the way preteen model pant back."John grinned when he heard me say I would pickup some steaks. preteen video tgp "Pick up some
beer as well, see you then. Be safe." He said kissing Sharon on the cheek as
he left. Sharon shooed him away but watched as he drove out of the drive. * * * * * * * * *I dumped my second cup of coffee in the sink and poured another while Sharon
stood watching John drive away, the pot was almost empty. When she turned
from the window I mentioned the coffee was almost out but she didn't want
another and sat back down at the table looking at me."Lee, you know why we worry about Mark and you don't you?""I think I do Sharon but we both will be alright." I said sitting beside
her."No I don't mean because you and he are gay, it's the other stuff you hear
so much about these days. John knows more about it then I do but that's what
we worry about and not being able to help either one of you if that should
happen." She said softly almost in a whisper.Most people have trouble talking about AIDS and I understood hers and John's
concern about it. I guess I would be concerned if I were in their place.
She sat quietly beside me and I placed my hand on hers squeezing gently."You don't have to worry about that happening. William and I both have
talked with Mark about it extensively. He is young but not dumb and I know
he realizes what could happen if ever he was not careful.""Teach him Lee, please teach him." She pleaded wringing my hand in hers. "
It would kill us both if we were to lose him like that nude school preteen and you as well."Without going into details, I assured her as best I could and they shouldn't
worry about it but I knew they would. What really surprised me was her
bringing it up and not my brother.Sharon stood still holding my hand asking, "is there anything you need
washed before you leave? I can do yours and Marks together.""There are a couple of things if you don't mind doing them. I'll get them
from the clothes hamper.""Bring them down too the laundry room, I'm going to get started so I can
meet John for lunch." She said opening the door to the basement."After I get them would you mind if I made a few long distance calls in the
den? I've got some arrangements to make for my trip bbs preteen nonude next week."I heard her saying it was okay as she went down the steps and I went too our
bedroom for the dirty things. With everything else that had happened I
didn't get a chance to talk with her about John but it could wait. It was
probably nothing for me to worry about anyway.I picked up my palm unit while I was in the bedroom and followed Sharon
downstairs to the laundry room and den. I looked in the weight room and
found the shorts that Mark had left there when we were working out and
included them in the dirty things for washing.
She had turned on the small television she had in the laundry room and was
watching the Today show just like a typical housewife sorting clothes taking
care of her family. * * * * * * * * *The telephone was on a small table by John's recliner and I snapped the
floor lamp on he had sitting there. Punching Eric's number into the phone I
waited for or five rings expecting his voice mail to intercept when he
picked up with his usual melodic "Eric Justin."It always surprised me how soft but very clear his voice was. "Me Eric,
how's it hanging?""Lee, you lucky sucker, no pun intended. Did you know something about
Caltron you forgot to tell me? If you did, porno kids preteen that's no way you should treat
your bosom buddy. That stock jumped 7 points after I bought it for you.""I didn't know a thing bud, just had a feeling. I told you what I thought;
you should have picked up on it. Did you get the other things done that I
asked you to?" I said hearing Eric snicker at the other end."I did buy Lee, I just wanted to pull your chain a little. Scott came in the
office not long after you left and when I told him what you wanted he said
we should buy if you were. Not as much as you did but we did pretty good."
He said laughing out loud."I have something you can pull on and you'll get more out of preteen modles girls
it then pulling
on a chain. How about the other things?""Ahhhhh my fickle lover, always teasing. Everything you instructed to be
done is finished. That nephew of yours is going to be a very rich young man
if anything happens too nn little preteen
you. Do you want the certificates or us hold them as
usual?""Hold them. What about Mega Data Processing, any change there?""None, they held steady all day with very little fluctuation. You going to
stick with them for now?""Watch it close Eric." I said thinking furiously for a minute and wondering
if maybe I should pull out altogether."How forced feminization preteen close Lee? You usually drop out if a stock flickers more then 5%.""Same deal Eric. If you close it, put the cash in my account. If I need
money, I'll contact you rather then my bank. asia preteen girls If things work out in Delaware,
I'll open an account there and get in touch with you.""Okay, when will I see you again? I hope you aren't going to disappear
again.""I'll be in Delaware but lsm pics preteen I'm not sure where just yet. You have my cell phone
so ukraine sex preteen use that if you need to get in touch. I'm going down to Louisville with
Mark this afternoon and leaving town early on Monday after I bring him back
up. I bought a Blazer yesterday so I'll be driving.""What about your Mustang, aren't you driving it?""No, I'm leaving it with my brother here in Cincy. I'll give you a call when
I get straight. Give my love too Scott and thanks for everything.""You be careful, I'll miss you, oh hell, I miss you already." He said
waiting for an answer."You be legal japan preteen careful stud, bye." I said pushing the disconnect button.Sharon was moving around in the laundry room and I could hear the steady
pulsing swish of the washing machine. Checking my palm for Cliff's phone
number I called and preteens penetrations
verified that he would be in Louisville as naked preteen topsites he had said
he would. Dorothy, Cliff's secretary, sounded cheerful and efficient horse preteen
always. I was about to hang up when she said, "Thanks for the chocolates
Lee, I appreciate them but you really didn't have to do that.""My mother always said the same thing Dot but she never told me they should
be returned. You enjoy preteens nude net
them." I said quietly, thinking about my mother and
her like for chocolates."I will Lee, thanks." She said," You have a safe trip.""Will do Dot, thanks." preteen home movies I said hanging the phone up. Dorothy preteen rika pics was one of those
one young girl preteen in a million that are so seldom found in the business world. She was
sincere, confident, honest and efficient. Cliff was lucky.The call too Phil in Dover was not quite as satisfactory, he was out with a
client. I identified myself to his secretary nude cp preteens
and asked her to tell him I
would be in Dover on Thursday after stopping in Ashland, Ky. for a couple pictures xxx preteen of
days. The girl in Phil's office sounded young but she read everything back
to be sure she had it correctly and I told her that Mr. Cohigg could reach
me on my cell phone if he needed to.I didn't realize how long I had been on the telephone when Sharon walked in
saying, "I'm finished Lee and yours and Marks things are on your bed. pre teen bs John
and I won't be home until late so you both have a good weekend and we'll see
you sometime Sunday afternoon. I overheard you telling someone you would be
in Ashland for a couple of days. Do you want me to call Loretta and let her
know you preteen art lsm are going to be there?""No, lets surprise her. I've got one more call to make and then I butts preteen girls think I'll
get a short nap before Mark gets home. John has William's number in
Louisville in case you might need to get in touch with us." I said giving
her a hug and preteen gir model a kiss. I followed her out the door and locked it before
getting some water from the fridge.Dialing Williams number the phone rang twice and Calvin answered, "Wool
ford's Clothiers, how may we help you?""You sound awfully professional Calvin.""Uncle Lee....... where are you? Is Mark with you?" Calvin exclaimed with
enthusiasm and I preteen black art
heard him call for William."Don't get excited Calvin, we are still in Cincinnati. Mark doesn't get out
of school until this afternoon and then we will be down. Aren't you supposed
to be in class?""I was already this morning. Most of my classes are early. What time will
you be here? I can't wait to see you."I knew he was more concerned with seeing Mark then me but I chuckled softly,
"We should be there by about 6 o'clock Calvin. How's your mother?""Pretty good, thanks for asking. Here's Uncle Bill." He said but I could
detect a note of sadness as he answered my question about his mother. I
thought for a moment that I probably shouldn't have asked when William came
on the line."I have it Calvin, switch the line over for other calls. How are you Lee?
What time did you say you will be here?""Just a little tired Uncle Bill, I've been on the telephone for over two
hours making calls and arrangements. Mark gets out of school at 2:30 this
afternoon and we should be there about 6 o'clock. Did you reserve rooms for
us?""Already done Lee, the same rooms you had last time you were here. Cliff's
secretary called earlier and said he would be here tomorrow but she wasn't
exactly sure what time. Dorothy wanted him too naked child preteen leave this afternoon like you
are but you know Cliff, he wanted to imgrush net preteen
be sure everything was taken forbidden dream preteen care of
before he does.""That's Cliff Uncle Bill. Are we having dinner out tonight or in the motel?
I'd like to visit ChoLin's again if we can.""Oh really, you would?" I heard him say with a mock note of surprise. "Maybe
we can arrange for MyLin and LoWin as servers? Reservations have been made
for 9 tonight, Cho was delighted when I called him.""You will have to tell me about preteen shy
ChoLin sometime preteen bbs 2007 Uncle Bill, he is
fascinating.""And why should I do that? preteen webcam paysite I don't recall any tales you have told me.""Touch

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